Art/Design Technology

We have a progression of skills document for Art Design from Reception to Y6 in drawing, painting, 3D, Printmaking and Textiles. The teachers plan art design activities to link with key themes or topics. On occasion we have whole school project days where every child works on the same theme eg in summer we explored Sunflowers in different techniques and this term we have had a day exploring the 100 years since the end of the First World War.
For the last two years we have been working towards the ArtsMark Award and are awaiting confirmation of our success.
Our Design Technology projects are linked to our topics and themes. Children will often study Art for half a term and then design technology for half a term. Children learn to design, make and evaluate a model - some of these are also set as challenges for homework.
We have a variety of materials and tools which the children can use, although resourcing this area is a focus for the next financial year.
We have had design technology weeks where each class has worked on a theme. Last Summer each class produced a variety of models which were then shared in whole school assembly.