At Benwick School we believe that ICT is both a curriculum area in itself and a means of underpinning the National Curriculum programme of study. The ability to handle information and communications technology equipment is an essential life skill and children at Benwick will learn to use it with confidence and independence in conjunction with the e-safety policy.


Our aims in using information technology are:

  • To ensure that all children have equality of access regardless of gender, race and special needs
  • To equip our children with the necessary skills and knowledge to enable them to participate in an increasingly computerised societyTo promote the development of lively, inquisitive minds, the ability to question and apply themselves to given tasks with increasing independence
  • To develop the skills in ICT capability across the National Curriculum
  • To use ICT as a tool for communicating, investigation and learning in all subjects
  • To understand both the capabilities and the limitations of information technology and the implications and consequences of its use
  • To develop awareness of e-safety

 Teaching and Learning Approaches

Class teachers should employ a range of strategies for the teaching of ICT and use their professional judgement to decide on the most appropriate. These will include:

  • Using the computer to demonstrate to a group of pupils or the whole class
  • Leading a group or class discussion about the benefits and limitations of ICT
  • Preparing individual and paired work using worksheets and instructions
  • Setting up opportunities for collaborative writing and design work
  • Where the use of one pupil is used to demonstrate or teach a skill to others
  • Groups will be selected to ensure that all children are equally active and involved in the task, and that all have equal access to the computer and keyboard
  • Activities using ICT are planned in order to allow different levels of achievement by pupils or to incorporate possibilities for extension work
  • Make effective use of ICT to manage and support the learning process
  • Choose ICT effectively and appropriately to improve learning outcomes
  • Assess the social effects and implications of ICT
  • Be aware of ICT opportunities at home
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