Day 3

This morning we all got up, finished packing and stripped our beds all before breakfast. We then had a run around the field while some of us played football and some played in the sandpit. It was then time to make sure we all had rain jackets on as it was just starting to spit. 
Group one are now on the go karts while group two are completing nightline. After that, group one have aeroball and group two will be completing the go kart course. We'll then have a picnic lunch before getting on the coach at 1. 
All the children are having a wonderful time and they've been so good. We'll all be sorry to leave but I know the children are just as excited to see their families and own beds! 
The children enjoyed their packed lunch in the cinema room before getting on the bus. We left Kingswood just after 1 and are now on the way home! We're on to track to be back in Benwick about 3, depending on traffic. The children are really looking forward to seeing you!