Welcome to Doves class!
I am Miss Angell, Doves class teacher. In our class we have 3 teaching assistants that work in our class on different days- Mrs Few, Miss Claxton and Mrs Hinson There are 23 children in our class
Take a look at our class page to see what we are up to in Doves Class!

Our topic for the term is ‘What a Wonderful World’ Within this topic we will be looking at the seven continents of the world and the five oceans, identifying the physical and human features of different countries around the world and using geographical vocabulary to refer to key human features. The children will have the opportunity to use world maps, atlases and world maps. As part of our history lessons we will be finding out about Christopher Columbus and his journey in 1492 and how it impacted people in Europe. We will look at other famous explorers and how their explorations of the world changed in the 1950’s and 1960’s.

Our art and DT work this term will be linked with our topic which will involve exploring how indigenous people paint on rocks to tell a story, explore and create sculpture made from sticks and twigs, explore rangoli patterns and creating pictures with leaves, weaving with natural materials and creating collages using natural materials.

Tips for reading at home:

  1. Read for 10 minutes each night with your child.
  2. Discuss the illustrations on the cover/ pages. What do they think is happening?
  3. Predict what may happen in the story/ on the next page.
  4. Talk about who the characters in the story are, and where it is set.
  5. Ask your child how they think a character is feeling at various points in the story.
  6. Recap what happened in the book; can your child sequence the events? 
  7. Discuss whether your child enjoyed the story or not, and why.
  8. Be guided by your child’s interests- read quality texts from home/ the library as well as school books.
  9. Become an explorer- read fact, fiction, rhymes, poems, picture books.
  10. Most important, read to your child; it really does make the world of difference. 
We will be starting Forest School later in the year- watch this space for dates!

During our Forest School sessions we take our learning outside, we get to explore the outdoors and learn in a different way.

Forest School is an inspirational process, that offers ALL of the children lots of  opportunities to achieve and develop their confidence and self-esteem through hands-on learning experiences in our natural environment. 

PE will continue to take place on a Monday afternoon. Therefore all the children need to have a PE kit in school on those days.  The village hall can be quite chilly in cold weather so you may prefer to put a pair of tracksuit bottoms into you child’s PE bag.  Please ensure that all items (including clothing, water bottles, and lunch boxes) that come to school with your child are clearly named to avoid loss.  As part of our PE lessons we will be doing gymnastics and showing good control and coordination and learning to move and travel using our bodies in our lessons.