SIMSPAY - online dinner money service

23rd May 2019
Please note we have recently moved over to 'SIMSPAY' for payment of school dinner money.  We have already sent out some emails to parents.  If you do not receive a notification please email in or ring the school to insure the information we hold is up to date or use the new 'SIMS PARENT' APP.
Support from Mrs Hill will be given in the office from Monday 3rd June each Morning Mon-Thursday for the first week.  Please remember this system is also new to our staff and we will be learning together.
We hope to use 'SIMSPAY' for not only dinner money but for trips, swimming and uniform in the future as we no longer have banking facilities for cash locally.
Many thanks
Mrs Hill

The benefits of using SIMS Pay include:

  • the ability to make safe and secure online payments at any time of the day.
  • the ability to make payments in person via PayPoint and Post Office counters.
  • the ability to make payments via debit or credit card.
  • the ability to pre-pay for school meals.
  • the ability to identify when payments are due and whether sufficient funds are available.
  • the ability to receive email notifications when a balance falls below a set amount.
  • the ability to view current balances and a payment history.