Science is extremely important for the following reasons:

  • It allows pupils to develop their understanding of concepts based on first-hand exploration.

  • It builds up an appreciation of science as a fundamental part of everyday life.

  • It is a necessity to enable children to develop as scientifically literate citizens.

  • It shows how the two parts - substantive understanding (knowledge and concepts) and procedural understanding (scientific enquiry) need to function together.

  • It promotes enquiry, problem solving, creative thinking, information processing, reasoning, evaluation, communication.

  • It enhances other area of the curriculum including Literacy, Numeracy and ICT skills.


The Aims of Science at Benwick are:

  • To encourage/develop interest, enjoyment and enthusiasm in all pupils.

  • To develop an enquiring mind and a scientific approach to problem-solving.

  • To encourage an awareness where appropriate of continuing scientific advances and their impact on society.

  • To relate science to everyday life through the use of everyday materials and situations.

  • To develop attitudes of curiosity, perseverance, etc.

  • To encourage good Health & Safety attitudes.

  • To support and develop children’s Literacy and Numeracy and ICT skills within a scientific concept.


 Please read our Science Policy for more information

Science Update
Science club has been running since September 2017. Miss Angell will now run the weekly club to help children to explore Science in a fun and 'hands on way' for the rest of this academic year. 
Please take a good look at our Science photographs that show all the work the children have been busy learning about. 
Mrs Fleet is the Science Governor who meets with me every term to find out about the Science learning in school. Mrs Fleet has enjoyed observing lessons and takes a great interest in what we do. Please speak to her or myself to find out more!
Science teaching and learning
All the teachers plan exciting and 'hands on' lessons as much as possible for children at Benwick Primary School. However, there are some really useful games, quizzes and video clips on the following websites that you may like to explore with your child at home. (Lots of fun activities to try) (BBC Bitesize for excellent film clips.)   (Royal Society for Chemisty- select the Primary tab to find lots of experiments and resources to try.)
Thank you.
Mrs Goulbourne