Welcome to Swans Class. We are very lucky to have two teachers this year – Miss Wakefield, who teaches us Monday to Wednesday, and Miss Turner, who teaches us on Thursday and Friday. Our teaching assistants are Mrs Barnes, Mrs Smith and Mrs Clutton. We have 32 children in our class this year.

Swans Link Up – Summer 2019

Welcome to the Summer Term at Benwick Primary School.  I hope you have all had a wonderful Easter break. This is a very important term for the Year 6s, as the SATS are fast approaching. The Year 6s have been working very hard towards revising for their assessments, and have shown mature attitudes. The Year 5s have adapted very well, and have positively supported their peers. Keep up the hard work!

Our topic of ‘Out of this World’ will include the children learning about the geographical and physical aspects of the world, such as the location of countries within the Northern and Southern Hemisphere, the difference in international time zones, and the impact human activity has on the polar circles.

In Science, the children will be looking at the movement of the Earth, and other planets, relative to the Sun in the solar system. This topic will tie in with shadows and light. The children will be given the opportunity to carry out investigations, recording data using bar graphs, and using scientific terminology to draw clear conclusions.

During PSHE sessions, the children will be looking at how the media, family and friends can influence their attitude towards their own body. They will also explore new aspects of personal hygiene relevant to puberty.


Swans will have rounders lessons every Monday afternoon, and they will participate in athletics lessons every Tuesday afternoon (OUTDOOR PE KIT will be required).

Please ensure your child has their full P.E. kit in school, so that they can participate fully and safely in an essential part of our curriculum. Remember, outdoor kit needs to include appropriate clothing.


Reading – Your child should be taking their reading book home every night. Year 5 & 6 children are expected to be much more independent readers, however it is just as important at this age for them to have somebody to read to on occasion. Don’t forget, you can log on to Accelerated Reader to find out how well your child is performing in the comprehension quizzes.

Topic – A topic based project will be handed out at the start of each half term.

Times tables – Multiplication tables and division facts need to be practised on a weekly basis. Children will be tested each Friday morning.

Spellings – Spellings are tested on a weekly basis. They will be sent out on Friday and tested the following Friday.

It is important that year 5/6 children complete homework as independently as possible. If they are struggling, please support them, and make a note in their book to let us know that they have needed assistance.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions or queries you might have about our learning.


Summer Term Homework

Write it, draw it, paint it or make it!

Over the term we would like you to produce a piece of work linked to our topic, ‘Out Of This World’. This homework will be due in before the end of the term.  Children need to return their work by Friday 24th May when they will showcase the homework to the class.

Here are some ideas relating to ’Out Of This World’ that you could produce:

  1. Create your own space themed top trumps cards. 
  2. You are going on a spaceship and can only take 10 things with you. What will you take? Either write or draw them in your suitcase. You are going to meet some aliens on another planet. What 10 things would you take as presents for them? Draw them in a gift box.
  3. Find out facts about the space missions  -  What was the first creature sent into space? Who was the first astronaut? Who was the first man on the moon? What other interesting facts can you find?
  4. Bake your own space themed cookies or biscuits.  They could be star, rocket or planet shaped.  They could even include space rocks such as popping candy! Feel free to share your biscuits with your  teacher.
  5. Keep a sky at night journal for a whole week.  Write about everything you can see in the sky.  You could draw a picture of the moon every night.  Does it change over the course of the week.
  6. Prepare a lesson to teach the class about an aspect of Space you enjoy (Be ready to teach it!)
  7. Create a timeline to show the history of space travel.
  8. Write newspaper report about the first moon landing.
  9. Use scrap paper, foil, sweet wrappers and other junk around the house to create your own space collage.
  10. Make a space mobile that you could hang in the classroom. 

Remember these are just suggestions to give you an idea of something you could produce this term. You are not expected to do it all but you must complete something. Have fun!


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In Swans, the children have been learning about the artist Banksy. As part of our English work we have been looking this term at building a debate and argument for and against graffiti. As part of our artwork we have been learning different styles of graffiti as well as understanding how art can be used to promote important political messages.  Have a look at some of the wonderful work we have produced!