Doves week 13

Week 13 - English
Creative Writing - Our writing is this week is based on Sam's Duck by Michael Morpurgo.
Reading - This week we are reading Way Out, Day Out. Click on the link and answer the questions below.
Grammar - Using simple past and present tenses.
Spellings - Year1 and Year2 spellings are below. You should practise spellings by writing them out and then using them in creative sentences. Use the following website to help with the learning and pronunciation of words:
Handwriting - Below are two handwriting activities for your child to complete - Activity 1 - Cursive letter cards (q - t). Activity 2 - 10 of the first 100 frequency words to copy using the cursive handwriting style. Please refer carefully to the handwriting style used and look at the Benwick cursive alphabet model (Week 9 home learning page). I have attached a file with handwriting paper which can be printed off at home. Alternatively, we can provide you with handwriting books/paper packs. These can be collected from the school office.
Miss Wakefield - English Lead
This week we are learning about positions and directions. There is a slide show and some challenges for each day but you could also practice naming positions of your toys and things around your house! Maybe you could write a set of instructions to go around an obstacle course in your garden or for a visit to the shop.
Hope you enjoy yourselves
Mrs Piper
This week we are going to use Purple Mash for our topic work. You have two jobs to do!
1. Once you have logged in go to the Home page, then scroll down to find coding. In coding you will see a program called 2go (it has a bumble bee on it). Click on that and follow the instructions. This will give you chance to practise what you have been learning about position and direction in maths.
2. Once loged in again go to the Home page. Click on the science box. Scroll down to find the plants tpoic. Click on the plant picture. From there you can find out lots about how plants grow and how they spread their seeds. There is also plant art work to have a go at.
Have fun
Mrs Piper