Doves Wk 11

Week 11 - English
Creative Writing - Our writing is this week is based on Cinderella.
Reading - This week we are reading Wild Wheels. Click on the link and answer the questions below.
Grammar - Comparing and ordering comparatives and superlatives.
Spellings - Year1 and Year2 spellings are below. You should practise spellings by writing them out and then using them in creative sentences. Use the following website to help with the learning and pronunciation of words:
Handwriting - Below are two handwriting activities for your child to complete - Activity 1 - Cursive letter cards (i - l). Activity 2 - 10 of the first 100 frequency words to copy using the cursive handwriting style. Please refer carefully to the handwriting style used and look at the Benwick cursive alphabet model (Week 9 home learning page). I have attached a file with handwriting paper which can be printed off at home. Alternatively, we can provide you with handwriting books/paper packs. These can be collected from the school office.
Miss Wakefield - English Lead
Daily Calculations:
This week you can do a daily 10 using this website, you can choose your level (ask an adult tp help). Remember to challenge yourself each day. Good luck!
This week's maths is all about money. The very best way to learn about money is to use it and handle it.
Find loose change at home, name the coins, order them in value, add up differing amount. Play shops, add and take away.
Here are some fun games to support this learning.
Below are separate lessons for each year group, building on prior knowledge and learning.
Mrs Talbot & Mrs Piper
Year 2 Lesson 5 26.6.2020
Set up a shop using your toys.
Give each toy a price using scrap paper.
Use real money, toy money, or make some money.
Invite your family to come and use your shop.
I'd love to see photos of this.
Have fun!
Mrs Talbot
PSHE - Wellbeing
Keeping active is  one of the 5 ways to wellbeing. The more active your are, outside if possible, the better you will feel.
Keep a simple daily dairy, in your exercise book, tracking your exercise and how you felt before and afterwards. e.g.
Monday - 10 minutes on the trampoline - before: I felt tired and grumpy  after: I felt excited and I was laughing (and hot)
Can you find at least 5 different types of activity you can do over the week?
Mrs Talbot