Suggested Home Learning:

 2 x 15 minutes of reading per day – children should read aloud


Y2 have SATs books to work through, one page of each one per day.


Daily Times Table Rockstars.  Each child has their own login which can be found in their reading record.  


Spellings – children should practise spellings by writing them out and then using them in creative sentences.   Year 2 have their own individual spelling list which can be found in their exercise book.  The ones that are not highlighted are the ones they need to learn.For Year 3,  I will update this class learning page on a weekly basis with 6 new spelling words to practise.


Creative writing: One creative writing piece to be created over each week –this will be listed on this page with instructions.


Daily Calculations – Daily calculations that the children are used to will appear on this page. The children should complete them, then check with the answers, spotting where and why they went wrong if they did.


Project work - Each afternoon, undertake one of the recommended project tasks from the project menu.


We have put lots of links to additional learning websites on this page.