Owls Week 2 2021

Hello, Mrs P here, hope you are all ok. 
Don't forget to practise your spellings they are on Purple mash as a to do. Also we need to learn all the Year 3 and 4 common exception spellings so I have put them below.
Guided Reading - Into the Forest by Anthony Browne. This continues to be our focus for the week. Please see the links below.
Thursdays- grammar lesson is about punctuating direct speech. Watch the video, which you will find below and then follow the instructions on the worksheet.
Friday- we have handwritng practise and you have your new spellings to learn. I have put these as a to do on purple mash- well done to those children who had a go at the spelling quiz last week.
Hello this week in maths we will be carrying on learning about multiplication and division.Please don't forget to send photos of your work via Dojo. We would love to see how you are getting on. Mrs P.
Monday - today you will be learning to multiply 1 digit by 2 digits.
Tuesday- You will be learning to multiply 2 digits by 1 digit and how to exchange there is no worksheet for Tuesday's lesson. Just stop the video when the lady tells you too and work out the answers in your books.
Wednesday and Thursday- You will be learning to divide 2 digits by 1 digit.
Friday- Todays learning is about different ways to divide by 2,4,5 and 10. There is no worksheet again so just stop the video when you are asked and work these out in your book. There are some 100 squares at the end of the video which they use to cut up so I have added a 100 square as well.
Well done!! That is loads of maths this week, well done everybody. Dont forget to send me pictures of your work.
Mrs Piper
Monday its time for PE!
Try this fun dance for the whole family- send in any photos!
Also, you can follow Joe Wicks or try GoNoodle - lots of fun activities and dance to keep you active. Good for adults too.
Mindfulness - Click on the link below and choose some activities to complete.
Outdoor Learning You can complete the following in any order:
* Tree bark rubbings
* Walk around your garden or park. What objects or views catch your eye? Can you see any interesting colours, shadows, textures or shapes? Experiment with your camera or phone.
* Collect twigs, leaves and stones to make a picture.
Stone Age - Read through the timeline PowerPoint and complete the activity
French - Counting to 20
And times table practise, lets start with 3 and 6 - Don't forget its a double!
Join in with Jack in his times table songs and then practice on TT rock stars.
Science - Science is on a Thursday afternoon. This week we are carrying on learning about Rocks and soils. If you click on the link below you will find that I have made a powerpoint for you and you can hear me explaining a little more about how rocks are formed. Hope you enjoy your task! There is also a knowledge note which reminds you what I have said on the slides, you can use this to stick into your book and explain how rocks are formed using your own words.
PSHCE- In PSHE this term we will be thinking about our feelings and how we explain to others how we feel. If you look below you will find a link for a story- 'The day the crayons quit'. When you have finished listening I would like you to think about some of the words that the crayons used to describe how they were feeling. For example the green crayon signs his letter with 'your happy friend' but we could also say he was contented, cheerful or positive. I would like you to think about how we could describe the feelings of the crayons in different ways and using synonyms. Choose your two favourite colours and write a list for both. Chick here to view the story.
Computing- I have set a todo for part of your computing work which give you the chance to practise your speech work that we have done in English. You can complete the to do and the worksheet below. Remember the punctuation.