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Suggested Home Learning:

 2 x 10 minutes of reading per day – children should read aloud

Daily counting:   Reception children are counting forwards and backwards to 20 – Year 1 should be able to count in 2s 5s and 10s. 

Children should practise writing their numbers in their exercise book, in order forwards and backwards. EYFS to 10 initially and Y1 to 20.

Please also see maths grid for additional maths activities.

Spellings – EYFS & Y1 children need to practise reading the High Frequency Words printed in the back of their reading records. 

 EYFS children have also been given a handwriting work book.

Creative writing: At least twice a week write a diary entry for something they've done and draw a picture, this could be labelled. 

Project work - Each afternoon, undertake one of the recommended project tasks from the project menu. There is a Topic menu for Y1 and an interactive learning links menu for EYFS.

We have put lots of links to additional learning websites on this page.