Robins weeks 5&6

Note from Mrs Talbot - Headteacher
We know everyone's circumstances are different. Your child does not need to do all of the work listed here. Please try to do some daily reading, writing and maths as a minimum. We thank you for all you are doing!
Contacting teachers: Please use dojo to contact teachers Monday-Fri 9am-3pm - thank you.

Week 5 and 6 Home Learning

Below you will find home learning for Week 5 and in the next column Week 6. Please remember to use the resources and websites that can be found on previous Robins Home Learning pages. Please contact us via Class Dojo if there are any concerns/queries.

Reading Activities

Reading books are available through the eBook Library on the Oxford Owl website.

Step 1

Create an account

Step 2

Under the heading 'Browse the Library' choose the relevant level under the heading 'Levels'

Step 3

Click on the book cover.

English Activities

This weeks English activities can be found on the 'Literacy Week 5 or Week 6' tab. We have outlined activities over a 5 day period - however, please amend this to suit your home learning timetable. 

Maths Activities

This weeks Maths activities can be found on the 'Maths Week 5' tab. Included are 5 day's worth of lessons with independent learning activities. The slides follow the same format used at school, with additional answer slides included after each question. This week the focus is the 2 times table that is an important skill for our children to learn. Remember practically recapping the times table and counting in 2’s will help our recall. Week 6 is a celebration of maths with Maths Week. 

Daily Calculations

These will continue to be uploaded each week. 

Maths Challenge

Every 2 weeks there will be extra maths activities set by Miss Angell for KS1 & KS2 to access and complete. These activities will include a range of different mathematical areas. Have a go at completing a couple each week and have fun!

Project Menu

Week 5 week the children's project menu has activities related to VE Day. I have also uploaded some resources that will support this learning.

Look at column 2 for the Week 6 Topic plan. 

This week it is National Numeracy Day (Thursday 13th May 2020)

National Numeracy Day is all about recognising that numbers play a big part in all our lives and helping us improve our skills and build our confidence.

We have decided to celebrate National Numeracy Day over the week by having a grid of exciting Maths activities to complete throughout the week instead of our usual weekly maths PowerPoint. We had planned a maths week in school, which would have involved practical, interactive maths activities for the week and do not want the children to miss out on this completely!

We want you to have fun completing one or two activities during your maths time each day. Children can do these activities independently or with family members.

I have uploaded a grid for EYFS, KS1 & KS2 for you to work through this week. I have also added some more activities from the National Numeracy Day website for you to have a look at.

It would be lovely to see what you have been up to, to celebrate National Numeracy Day, so please send us pictures of your maths fun and Mrs Talbot will collate these into a dedicated 'Maths Good News' at the end of the week.


Miss Angell- Maths Subject Lead