Robins Wk10

Week 10 - English
Reading - Our book this week is Molly's New Toy. Click on the link and answer the questions below. 
Handwriting - Below is a handwriting activity for your child to complete - Read Write Inc Letter Formation (A -J). You will find the Read Write Inc Handwriting Rhymes, along with a YouTube link, on Week 9 Home Learning Page.
Please refer carefully to the handwriting style used and look at the Benwick cursive alphabet model too (also on Week 9 Home Learning Page). Children can complete the activity on the printable worksheet or use the handwriting paper which can be printed off at home. Alternatively, we can provide you with handwriting books/paper packs. These can be collected from the school office.
Miss Wakefield - English Lead
Remember Year 1 to do 10 minutes of TT Rockstars every day! 
EYFS daily use of 1-20 flashcards. Daily counting of amounts to 20. 
EYFS listen to numbers to 20 songs, number bonds to 10 songs and more and less songs. 
Daily Calculations:
This week we'd like you to do your calculations in a different way, by playing a game.
 Year 1: Games 1-3
You could print off the bingo cards or write the number sentences in your book.
Ask an adult to play with you and check your answers - have fun!
Visit the ten frame game and ask your child to make amount to 10 and then 20 out of order. You could show them a teens number card to make. 

TOPIC changes;

Topic will be looking a little different from now onwards. Instead of a topic grid of choices, we will providing  more in-depth resources on an area of the curriculum. This will change each week. Don't forget you can still access all the websites and other learning ideas that we provided in previous weeks' pages.

This week in topic we are finding out about maps and developing our geography skills. Enjoy finding out about your local area! 
Its important in times like these, when its easiest to think and talk about negative issues, that we ALL take time to think about the things that make us happy. This is vital to our mental and physical wellbeing. The attached sheet could be printed or used for reference to prompt children to draw and write about some things that make them happy. My dog Ruby makes me happy and going out daily to giver her a walk makes me smile and feel happy. What will you draw and write about? (Parents, you could always do this exercise too, alongside your child!) 
This week, we are looking at athletics and jumping. You don't need any special equipment (see the attachment). There's lots of ideas here to develop agility. Physical activity also improves wellbeing.