Swans week 12

Week 12 - English
Creative Writing - Writing this week is based on The Paradise Garden.
Reading - This week, I have attached the first 6 chapters of The Stormbreaker by Anthony Horowitz. Click on the links above. There are no comprehension questions, I just want you to enjoy listening to Anthony Horowitz read these chapters.
Grammar - Avoiding repetition.
Spellings - Year 5/6 spellings are below. You should practise spellings by writing them out and then using them in creative sentences. Use the following website to help with the learning and pronunciation of words: www.spellzone.com
Handwriting - Continue with the fluency and speed handwriting pack (on Week 9 home learning page). Please refer carefully to the handwriting style used and look at the Benwick cursive alphabet model (also on Week 9 home learning page). I have attached a file with handwriting paper which can be printed off at home. Alternatively, we can provide you with handwriting books/paper packs. These can be collected from the school office.
Miss Wakefield - English Lead
Topic - Week 12
This weeks' topic focus is Art. Each day, the children will focus on a different artist. Their activities may include replicating a piece of art and creating artwork in the style of an artist. I know that different households will have different resources available, so please use whatever you have at home to create artwork. 
This weeks' PSHE explains to children how their thoughts are not facts. The lesson provides them with strategies to deal with unhelpful thoughts and strategies for developing a positive mindset. 
This weeks' PE has a focus on gymnastics. 
Continue the activities on YUMU, set by Mrs Clutton.