Swans Week 2 2021

Please find attached a suggested timetable for this week.  This is what we will be following in class.  However, you do not need to stick to it rigidly, it is just there for guidance.  
This week, we will be continuing our work on writing a biography on Charles Darwin (A fascinating man, I'm sure you will agree).  If you didn't get the chance to complete the English work from last week, you will need to read the timeline and take notes so that you have a basis for this week's work.  There is a planning sheet for you to use.  They can be found in week 1's folder.
Monday 11th January 2021
Today we will be writing the introduction for our biographies.  I have attached a Powerpoint to guide you through what should be included.  I have asked you to use a rhetorical question as a "hook" to grab the reader's attention and there is a separate Powerpoint which goes through what one is and why it is used.
There are separate spelling packs for years 5 and 6 with activities included to help you learn them.
Guided reading:  Today we will be carrying out comprehension based on the chapter of Millions attached in week 1's folder.  
Tuesday 12th January
Guided reading - Please read chapter 2 of Millions.
English - L.O. Use paragraphs to write the main body of the text in chronological order
Use your planning sheet to help you.  You need to use:  Sub-headings and paragraphs, conjunctions, adverbs and prepositions to express time and cause and past tense.
First level - write 3/4 paragraphs
Second level - write 5-6 paragraphs.
Wednesday 13th January
Guided reading - Please read Chapter 3 of Millions.
Handwriting - please write out the poem in your best handwriting, using the letter joins shown.
Continue to practise your spellings.
English - Continue writing main body of biography in paragraphs.  Making sure it is has sub-headings, uses time conjunctions and adverbials and is written in the past tense.
Thursday 14th January
Today we will be completing our biographies so once you have completed writing the main body of the biography, you will need to write a conclusion.  Please look at the Powerpoint, there a video to help you on each slide.
Guided reading
Summarise the first three chapters of Millions.  There is a Powerpoint with more information.
Friday 15th January
English - If you have finished writing your biography and evaluated it to check you have included everything, today, I would like you to publish your work.  Login to Purple Mash and you will see that I have set you a task.  It will give you a page so that you can type up your work and import or draw a picture.  This will also give you a chance to practise your typing skills.
Guided reading
I would like to you predict what you think will happen in chapter 4 of Millions based on what you have already read and the title.

Every day I'd like all children to spend at least 10 minutes practising X tables either on TT Rockstars or using hit the button
Y4 Monday:
Today we  are learning about written methods first watch the teaching video here
Then use the worksheet below. You can print it or copy into your book. The answers are below too, check how you did and if you made a mistake, don't worry see if you can work out where you went wrong.
Y5/6 Monday:
On Friday we learnt about multiplying with decimals.  Do you remember what happened to the digits if we multiplied by 10?  Yes, that's right they moved one place to the left.  When we multiplied by 100 they moved 2 and 1000 - three.  Today, we are learning about dividing decimals by 10, 100 or 1000.  What do you think will happen to the digits?  Watch the teaching video to see if you are correct and then complete the worksheet attached.  The answers are below too so you can check your answers after.    
Y4 Tuesday:
Today we are revising multplying a 2 digit number by a 1 digit number. Watch the teaching video here.
Then use the worksheet below. You can print it or copy into your book. The answers are below too, check how you did and if you made a mistake, don't worry see if you can work out where you went wrong.
Y5/6 Tuesday
Today we will be multiplying decimals by integers.
Please watch the teaching video.  Then use the worksheet below.  The answers are below too, check to see how you did.  Did you get them all right?
I have also added some daily calculations and don't forget TT Rockstars!
Y4 Wednesday
Today we are continuing with multiplying 2 digits by 1 digit watch the teaching video here
Worksheets and answers below.
Year 5/6 Wednesday
I hope yesterday's lesson went well.  If there are any questions you can email me on the Class Dojo.  Thank you to the children who have sent me some work.  I'd love to see more.
We are moving on to dividing decimals by integers today.
Please find the video, worksheet and answers attached.
Also, for your early morning work could you please complete the times tables worksheet.
Y4 Maths:
Today we are moving on to multiplying 3 digits by 1 digit. Click here for the teaching video. Then try the worksheet below and check your answers. Remember to try to spot where you went wrong, if you made a mistake.
Don't forget TT Rockstars too!
Today we will be using division to solve problems.  Click here for the teaching video.  Then complete the worksheet below and check your answers.  Remember to let me see your work by uploading it on class dojo or by sending me an email.  I have also attached some daily calculations.
Friday 15th
Please find attached daily calculations for years 4/5 and 6.
Maths today is decimals as fractions.  Please click here to view the video.  Worksheet and answers below.
History - Crime and Punishment
Please find attached powerpoint and carry out activity.
D.T. We will be carrying on joining the components to make our trebuchet.
R.E. L.O. Gain an overview of the structure and content of the Bible.  Watch the video and complete the worksheet.
P.E. Tuesday and Wednesday afternoon we will be doing P.E. at school.  
Science L.O: Recognise that living things produce offspring of the same kind, but normally offspring vary and are not identical to their parents.
P.H.S.E. Know about different categories of drugs including medicines.  As a pre-unit assessment write a list of any drugs that you know of including medicines.