The school is now closed for the Summer Holidays, the first day of the new term is Monday 5th September 2022.

Welcome to Benwick Primary School

Benwick is a small rural village school situated between Chatteris and March.

Benwick Primary School is committed to equal opportunities for all. Our school will make all members of our school Community feel welcome!

Our School Values:


Modern British Values:

Democracy- Tolerance- Mutual Respect- Rule of Law- Individual Liberty

Our Mission Statement: Together We Can


We value and celebrate confidence in ourselves as individuals, knowing that we can make our own contributions to the world.

We understand the importance of respecting each other and members of our community and taking the responsibility for our own environment.

We strive to install a love of life long learning.

Learning will be creative, exciting and fun.

Clare Talbot - Head Teacher

Mrs Clare Talbot