New 2022 Reception Parents' meeting: Tuesday 21st June 6pm

Reading Challenges

It is really important to encourage children to read for pleasure. Research shows that children who enjoy reading are three times more likely to read above the level expected for their age as those who don’t enjoy reading. It can also support their well-being and help them to perform better in a range of subjects at school. 
Each month, I will be setting different fun reading Reading Challenges for you to complete at home.
Do you accept the challenge?
Have fun!
Miss Wakefield
What is Book Bingo?
Book Bingo is a bingo card with lots of little reading challenges. These are fun ways to get us excited again about reading.
How do we play Book Bingo?

Playing is simple! Print out a copy of the bingo board for each of your children. When they perform one of the reading challenges on the card, they get to colour in that square.

The winner is the reader who completes the traditional bingo wins. That is completing a row across, a column down, or a diagonal. (You could do 4 corners too.)

ULTIMATE CHALLENGE -  Can you complete the entire card? I think you can do it!


If you are unable to print from home, please contact your child's class teacher and they will be able to print a bingo card for you.

Bedtime Story Snapshot
Do you read with your child at night? Do they have a bedtime story? If so, I would love to see some photos of you sharing this experience with your child.
At school, I will be creating a display board to promote the importance of bedtime stories. 
Please email your photo to your child's class teacher, via Dojos, or to the office.
Can I please have these before Monday 7th March.