New 2022 Reception Parents' meeting: Tuesday 21st June 6pm


Geography is a foundation subject of the national curriculum which seeks to develop awareness and understanding of the world around us.


Geography at Benwick School aims to:

  • Develop the knowledge, skills and understanding laid down in the Geography curriculum, to the maximum of their potential.
  • Make sense of their own surroundings through learning about their own locality and the interaction between people and the environment.
  • Extend their interest, knowledge and understanding of the human and physical processes which shape places.
  • Appreciate similarity and difference in the world around them and to respect other peoples beliefs, attitudes and values.
  • Develop the geographical skills and vocabulary necessary to carry out effective geographical enquiry.
  • Formulate appropriate questions, develop research skills and evaluate material to inform opinions.
  • Develop interest and enjoyment of geographical experiences and build confidence and understanding.
  • Recognise and understanding issues concerning the environment and sustainable development.

Learning Across the Curriculum

Geographical skills as detailed in the National Curriculum are incorporated into the creative curriculum topic planning.

For More information please read our Geography Policy