Covid 19 positive case reporting: NHS Track and Trace are now responsible for all contact tracing however, please do inform us either by telephone, or at the weekend/holidays: with details.


Welcome to Doves Class!
Miss Wakefield is the class teacher on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and on a Thursday and Friday it is Mrs Piper. Our teaching assistants are Mr Pedder, Mrs Hay and Miss Whitby. Doves is a mixed Year 2 & 3 class.

Tips for reading at home:

  1. Read for 10 minutes each night with your child.
  2. Discuss the illustrations on the cover/ pages. What do they think is happening?
  3. Predict what may happen in the story/ on the next page.
  4. Talk about who the characters in the story are, and where it is set.
  5. Ask your child how they think a character is feeling at various points in the story.
  6. Recap what happened in the book; can your child sequence the events? 
  7. Discuss whether your child enjoyed the story or not, and why.
  8. Be guided by your child’s interests- read quality texts from home/ the library as well as school books.
  9. Become an explorer- read fact, fiction, rhymes, poems, picture books.
  10. Most important, read to your child; it really does make the world of difference. 
Tuesday - Dance 
Friday - Throwing and Catching Skills
Please make sure your child has both an indoor and outdoor PE kit, which is clearly labelled. A water bottle is also recommended.