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Benwick Briefing 06.01.2023

Benwick Briefing 06.01.2023

Dear Parents/ Carers


Welcome to this week's Benwick Briefing.


Message from Mrs Talbot:

Welcome back! I hope you all had a great Christmas and lovely New Year celebrations. It is wonderful to have the children back and they have come in so beautifully in the mornings, ready to learn and start their day calmly. Thank you for supporting with the new arrangements at the start of the day, being on time and accessing the learning on offer right from the moment children walk through the door really does make a huge difference. 


Assemblies: In assemblies so far this week, we have talked about Janus - the Roman God of beginnings, gates, doorways, and endings (he's the one with 2 faces - looking forwards and backwards) and have encouraged children to reflect on good things from last year as well as things they would like to change as they look forward to this year. We also talked about Epiphany, which is today, the day the Wise Men visited the baby Jesus. We asked the children to reflect on how all people are important, whether rich or poor and to show respect to all their community - important school values.


Have a lovely weekend. 

Best wishes - Mrs Talbot


New Start/Finish times from January - Reminder:

We have had a brilliant start with the new school timings. Thank you.  


8.40am gates open

8.45am whistle & gates locked- children arriving after 8.45am will have to come in through the office gate and will receive a late mark in the morning session. 

3.15pm end of school day. 


Term Dates 2023-24

Please find attached the term dates for 2023-24.  


Premium Sports Club

Premier Sport will be running their very popular Gymnastics club starting Thursday 12th January. Further information and booking details are attached. 


Cambridgeshire Police

The Safer School's Newsletter for January is attached. 


Share and Shine

Each class will be hosting a Share and Shine in February where parents can visit and see some of the learning the children have been doing this term. These are usually very well attended and we look forward to seeing you. The dates and times for each class are as follows: 

Monday 6th February 2.30pm- Swans

Tuesday 7th February 2.30pm- Owls

Wednesday 8th February 2.30pm- Doves

Thursday 9th February 8.45am- Robins


Class Newsletter and Curriculum Maps

The class Newsletters and Curriculum maps are now ready for Spring term and are being sent out separately for each class today.


Christmas Jumper Donations

Are you looking at your child's Christmas jumper and wondering what to do with it because you know it will not fit them in December! Why not donate it to FOBS who will hold a Christmas jumper sale later this year with all money raised being donated to the school. Please bring any Christmas jumpers and school uniform your child has outgrown to the school office.      


Travel Survey

Thank you to all of those parents who have completed the travel survey. The local authority have asked that we keep it open until mid-January, so if you have not already completed the survey the link is below. It will take no more than 1 minute of your time. Thank you. 




Have a lovely weekend.


Kind Regards


Mrs Rachael Barton

School Secretary



Important Dates:


Sunday 15th January                                  Reception 2023 Application Deadline


Friday 20th January                                    FOBS Film Night (Details will follow shortly)


Monday 6th February                                  Swans Share & Shine 2.30pm


Tuesday 7th February                                 Owls Share & Shine 2.30pm


Wednesday 8th February                            Doves Share & Shine 2.30pm


Thursday 9th February                               Robins Share & Shine 8.45am 


Friday 10th February                                  FOBS Valentine's Disco


Friday 10th February                                  Last day of half-term

Mon 13th February - Friday 17th February - HALF TERM HOLIDAY