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Pupils Isolating - Home Learning

Week Beginning 4th October 2021
English - Listen to the story of Supertato.  Then use the story map (see resources) to retell the story.  Y1 - Use the first 3 sentences of the story map to write the beginning of the story.
YR - Draw the setting of the story - the supermarket.
Y1 - We are learning about the addition symbol.  Watch the lesson video then complete the worksheets.
YR -  Watch Lesson 4 about counting objects. Then complete the activity sheet.
Watch lesson 1 about ordering objects by size.  Then complete the activity sheet.
Watch Lesson 2 about comparing quantities using the words fewer and less.  Then complete the activity sheet.
English - Listen to the story of Supertato.  Draw a picture of one of the characters.  Challenge - can you label your picture?
Music -  Listen and sing to some nursery rhymes.
PE -  Join in with Joe Wicks and Duggee in their workout.
Welcome to Robins.  This week we're going to be spending a lot of our time getting to know our new starters and settling back into school.
PSHE - Think about something you've really enjoyed doing this holiday - draw and label a picture of it.
Maths - Watch NumberBlocks - Back to School Friends.  Then play some dice games - roll the dice and find that number of objects, roll the dice and be the first to get to 10.
Phonics - play Buried Treasure game (phase 2)
PSHE - We are thinking about our school value Honesty.  Watch the story The Boy Who Cried Wolf and think about why it's important to tell the truth.  Make a poster showing why honesty is an important school value.
Maths - Sing the rhyme Incy Wincy Spider   Then play the Incy Wincy Spider game  - see attached sheet.
Week beginning 13th September 2021
Representing 100 - Please read the PowerPoint and complete the questions on the slides.
Stanley's Stick - Please read through the PowerPoint and complete the relevant activities as you go.
Materials - Read through the PowerPoint and have a go at the investigation (see sheet below)
Research work by the contemporary American artist Beth Krommes.
Handwriting - Ongoing
Practice your handwriting
Practice your spellings
Week Two
Maths:  watch the videos and then complete the worksheet to go with the video at the bottom of the page
English :   In English we are starting a new book and will be looking at adjectives, noun phrases and personification to describe a setting- Your task is to look at the Man on the Moon task below to write a setting description.
Geography: In Geography we are looking at the water cycle. Research what the water cycle is and its features. Then create a diagram or model to bring into show us.
Reading: Spend 15 minutes each day reading a book of your choice.
Handwriting: Practise your joined handwriting 
Spellings:  Use the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet to practise your spellings each day. Your spellings are in the resources at the bottom of this page. Then on Friday get an adult to test you and let me know your score when you return to school.
Welcome to Doves. For the first 2 days we will be spending a lot of time getting to know each other.
We are going to be thinking about what makes a good teacher and then what makes a good pupil? Take some time at home to think about this and write down a few ideas. You could even create the perfect teacher and pupil.
Create a poster about responsibility for our school display and write a story that shows the value of responsibility.
We will also be looking at our school values and why they are important.
respect, responsibility, honesty, resilience, community
Do you think one of these values is more important than the other? Which one and why? 
Class charter
Write your own class charter, to explain what type of class we aim to be for the year. What makes us different to the other classes.
Write a letter to your future self. What are you looking forward to this year? What would you like to get better at?  What are you going to try hard to do? 
Maths: Practise your times tables, using Times Tables Rock Stars or Hit the Button
Handwriting: practise your letter formation and joined handwriting 
Reading: Read a book and write a book review to add to our reading display.
Week Four
week beginning 20th  September
Spellings:  copy them onto your sheet or a piece of paper











use the Look, Say, Cover, Write, Check sheet to practise your spellings each day. Check you know what each word means and you can use them in a sentence. Can you spot any patterns or rules in the spellings?
Maths: to compare and order numbers watch this video
then complete the worksheet
English: edit and check your story about the Troll. Now either type it up carefully and add some pictures or use paper and card to make a book and write out your story and add pictures. 
Reading spend 20 minutes each day either to yourself or to someone else
Handwriting: Practise your joined  handwriting (look at the booklet and write on paper/ a white board  or print off a page from the booklet) 
RE: Think about these questions, write down all the possible answer you can think of
Why is it important to be good?
What does good mean?