New 2022 Reception Parents' meeting: Tuesday 21st June 6pm

The Governing Body

Staff Governors
Clare Talbot (Head Teacher)
Janice Fiore (Named Governor for  Reading)
Darren Gore (Named Governor for Safeguarding & Maths)
Vice Chair
Rob Glozier (Named Governor for Pupil premium, SEND & PE)
Local Authority Governors
Mark Chapman (Named Governor for Curriculum)
Parent Governors
Danielle Peacock (Governor Training)
Co-opted Governor
Mark Goulbourne (Named Governor for Finance & Reading)
Rob Glozier (Named Governor for Pupil Premium and SEND)
Bob Taylor
Clerk to Governors
Jane Learner
All Governors are taking responsibility in supporting the school to minimise  low level disruption. 
We would like to hear from you if you would like to become a School Governor.  Please contact the School for more information or email
Please contact our Governors for more information.
Governing Body newsletters: