Covid 19 positive case reporting: We are no longer required to, or allowed, to contact trace. NHS Track and Trace are now responsible for all contact tracing however, please do inform us either by telephone, or in the holidays: with details.


Welcome to Robins!
Robins is the school day home of Reception and Year 1.  Miss Macleod is the class teacher and  Mrs Fiore and Mrs Hinson are the Teaching Assistants.

Our Learning Environment

Our environment is carefully laid out to allow the children to access the seven areas of the Early Years curriculum through self-directed play, allowing the adults to support and extend their learning alongside them. We have the following areas, with changing weekly challenges that link to children's current learning and interests. 

Indoor Classroom

A Maths Area, with lots of resources linked to number, shape, space and measure.

A Literacy Area, with phonics resources and mark making materials to support children in their independent reading and writing.

A Reading Corner, with books related to our current focus, as well as a wide range of appealing texts to choose from.

Home Corner, allowing children to develop narratives, their knowledge of the world and personal and social skills.

An Art Area for children to access a range of tools such as scissors, glue, hole punches and sellotape, for creating their own models and designs. There is also a malleable area where children can use a range of tools with play dough and other materials to develop their fine motor skills. 

A Construction Area, including a wide range of construction resources such as Lego, Mobilo, GeoMag and Polydron.

A Small World Area, where the children can use their imaginations to create narratives using resources like train track, small vehicles, farm and wild animals and a variety of backdrops. 

A Finger Gym with challenges to support the development of the children's fine motor skills.

Water Area, which includes a range of resources to support the children's development in Mathematics, Literacy and Expressive Arts and Design. 

An ICT Area where we have a desktop computer, laptops, Ipads and other ICT resources such as Bee-Bots and metal detectors. 

Wow Wall where we love to share the 'Wow Moments' our parents and carers send in from home.

Outdoor Classroom

The children in Robins have daily access to the outdoor space, which includes the following:

An Outdoor Maths Shed, full of natural materials to support the children's understanding of number, measures, shape and pattern.

Literacy and Maths trolleys containing a range of resources to support learning in these areas. 

A Construction Area, for children to make large scale models, using crates, tyres, pipes, tarpaulins, big blocks and sponge bricks. 

A Sand Tray, with lots of digging tools, buckets, sieves and molds. 

A separate gravelled area which includes soil-filled tyres for growing fruit, vegetables and flowers as well as areas for digging.

wooden house for role-play. 

Miss Macleod

Class Teacher

Mrs Fiore

Teaching Assistant

Mrs Hinson